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The church services

  • Liturgy

    The monastic fraternity of Jerusalem celebrates daily the Liturgy of the Hours. Three times daily, the services are sung in French, in polyphony with four voices by all the monks and nuns gathered in the choir of the basilica.

    Offices are open to the public. No guided tours and photography during the offices.
  • Church services in the basilica

        Saturday      Sunday    Monday    Tuesday to Friday
    Morning church service
    august : 
    Midday church service
    Some sundays
     Mass  6.30pm  6.30pm
     Parish Mass       

    In Winter time :  church services in the chapel (cloister)

    Church services in the chapel of Cordelle

    Every day, at mass (except on Sunday), 12.15 am midday church service, 6.30 pm vespers, 8.30 pm compline

    Secretary of the basilica - Presbytère
    89450 - Vezelay
    Tél. 03 86 33 39 50 - Fax 03 86 33 36 9

    Concerts inside the Basilica
    Rector of the Basilica