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Marked out circuits and ways pilgrims

  • Hiking trails in buckle

    Fact sheets are available at the tourist office and sold for 1 € each!
    From Vézelay:
    - Boucle de la Fontaine Nouvelle (8 km)
    - Boucle du vignoble (9 km)
    From Saint-Père :
    - Boucle des Ponts de Pierre-Perthuis (14 km)
    From Asnières sous Bois :
    - Boucle du ru de Chamoux (11 km)

    But also other hiking in buckle from villages more or less close to Vézelay.

  • Some downloadable hikes

    You can hike from Avallon to Vézelay by the GR13 (19 km for 5h)

    - Buckle Vézelay/Saint-Père (4 km)
    - On foot from Sermizelles to Vézelay (9,5 km)
    - "La Grotte des Fées" in Châtel-Censoir (11 km)
    - Arcy-sur-Cure and its prehistoric caves (12 km)
    - The Rochers du Saussois (12 km)

    The Morvan Park House offers you 3 trails from Saint-Brisson for 5,10 and 20 km.

  • Pilgrim's road: from Vézelay to Autun

    Pilgrims' ways from Vézelay to Autun by the chapels, springs and high places of the Morvan.

    From Vézelay, two itineraries:
    1/ by Saulieu (178 km, 10 days on foot)
    2/ by Château-Chinon (160 km, 9 days on foot)
    The routes follow the main marked trails: GR13, Country GR, GR 131, Bibracte path in Alésia.

    Download the Vézelay-Autun topoguide
  • Pilgrim's road: from Vézelay to Assise (Italy)

    Vézelay, place of the first Franciscan presence in France in the 13th century, is symbolically the starting point of the pilgrimage route to Assise. 1500 kms in 75 days to internalize the Gospel in the manner of St. Francis.

    By joining the Chemins d'Assise Association, you will have access to itineraries and stages of the online path. The tourist office doesn't lay out any cards. From Vézelay, you have to take the GR13 passing through Saint-Père, then Vaux-Bouton, Foissy-lès-Vézelay, Pierre-Perthuis, ...
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