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  • Gougères, delicately prepared and local meat, cheese, discover the richness of our gastronomy !

  • Gougères

    Little rolls of savory choux ‘gougères’ eaten when still warm are an essential part of the aperitif. Gougères can also be found with flavours of nutmeg  and cumin. You will find them in the local bakeries.

  • Delicately prepared meats – ‘charcuterie’

    Ham with parsley, sausages, terrines, excellent both with an aperitif or taken as a mere snack. They go perfectly well with the white and red wines of Vézelay.

  • Beef of the ‘Charolais’

    Do not miss the great opportunity to enjoy a succulent cut of Charolais. The butchers of the Vézelien sell local meat. Charolais beef is excellent meat widely known for its quality.

  • Cheeses

    Epoisses, Chaource, Brillat Savarin, our cheeses have real character !