In St. Père

  • 2 km from Vézelay

    The village,  with the Cure running right through it, has preserved some remarkable remains of the past. It is twenty minutes walk from Vezelay by a charming path that winds through the vineyards and meadows.

  • The church: Notre-Dame a miniture Cathedral

    Jewel of bourguignon Gothic art, this "little miniature cathedral" of the XIII and XV centuries, is a harmonious edifice of astonishing beauty. Its elegant spire soars into the sky and marks the landscape. The façade with the front porch crowned by sculptures forms a unique feature due to its originality and the quality of its decoration.

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  • The "Fontaines Salées"

    Worshipped since ancient times and used for the winning of salt for 4500 years. The Fontaines Sallées have known several periods of occupation.

    Amongst the remains there are some twenty hollow oak casings left, still in place, and the impressive remains of a large Gallo-Roman spa with swimming pools, steam rooms, dressing room, a palaestra, etc.. Most of the items found on the site are exhibited in the charming museum next to the church.

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