• At 2 km from Vézelay

    Asquins lies at the foot of the hill of Vézelay. The village holds many surprises, such as  ancient barns, fortified farms of the XVII century and a wash house with a paved floor and beautiful frame supported by a square base. There are also several “colombiers” and winegrowers' houses, whilst the surrounding area is scattered with dozens of winegrowers’ shacks.

  • Not to be missed : the church of Saint Jacques le Majeur

    Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a starting point for the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, the church is situated on a promontory that overlooks the village.

    Inside, you will admire the superb reliquary bust of St Jacques from the 16th century, the woodwork of the 18th century and the Romanesque frescoes of the sacristy.

    From Vézelay, from the Porte Neuve, the road that leads to Asquins is a pretty walk of about fifteen minutes.

  • Not to be missed : reliquary of Saint Jacques

    Originally unknown, this bust reliquary in polychrome wood - dating from the 16th century - depicts Saint Jacques le Majeur who was the first apostle decapitated for his faith by King Herod.