• At 15 km from Vézelay


    Although the transporting of wood from the Morvan down the river Yonne and canal Nivernais is a thing of the past, this small town is still, with its humble port welcoming multitudes of cruise boats, a very lively and vibrant place. On the river banks some beautiful and historical houses can be found including that of Vaulabelle, historian of the XIX century.

    In the upper town, a fortified bastion surrounded by walls and an enforced city gate protect the XVIII  century houses, enclosing the collegiate church Saint-Potentien that keeps many surprises behind the renaissance façade; a light Gothic nave with a beautiful set of carefully made capitals, a crypt of the X century with traces of frescos, relics of St. Potentien, and a beautiful yellow and red stone floor, etc.

    In the Woods, you find  the cave of the fairies with its fascinating 26 m long  concretions.

    Nearby: the well-known rocks of Saussois, loom over the landscape challenging climbers. 


  • Not to be missed : the colleague Saint-Potentien

    Located on the promontory of the citadel, this picturesque church holds many surprises behind its Renaissance façade: luminous Gothic nave with a beautiful set of carved capitals, crypt of the tenth with traces of fresco, relics of Saint Potentien, pavement with yellow and red decoration, etc.

    And, all around beautiful houses of Burgundian style with cut roofs.