• At 6 km from Vezelay

    The fortified village still preserves the remains of a XII century gateway and the castle, perched on a rocky outcrop, of which the Church of St. Leonard was the old chapel. Next to it stands the rectory which belonged to Marshal Vauban


    Launched on the river, one above the other, the two bridges create a very picturesque  view . From the higher bridge, looking down on the old bridge and the Cure, you have a beautiful view on Vézelay. The old bridge is the starting point of a footpath taking you on a pleasant walk under the trees along the Cure.

    In the hamlet on the top, there is a nice house surrounded by walls of the XIX century.

    Follow the charming trail a few hundred meters downstream, where you can access a geological wonder, the Roche Percée, a natural arch 15 m high.

  • Not to be missed : The two bridges superimposed on the Cure and the "Roche Percée"

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