Saint- Père

  • At 2 km from Vézelay                       


    The village is worth a detour. In fact it was here, in the valley, that the IX Century monastery of Vézelay was founded before it was transferred to the hill, sometime after its destruction by the Normans.

    Recent excavations in the church Saint-Pierre-XI and XII have uncovered traces of what most likely was the monastery chapel. This church, partly destroyed and one of the oldest in the Yonne,  has an exceptional double nave.


  • Heading deeper into the Morvan, you will pass one of the most exquisite gardens in rural France, which is dominated by redwood trees.

    Leaving St. Père in the direction of Pierre-Perthuis, you will find the site of the Fountaines Salées after 1 km on your left where you can admire the important remains of a large Gallo-Roman spa with swimming pools, steam rooms, dressing room, palaestra, etc..

  • Not to be missed : the church of Notre-Dame

    The Church of Notre-Dame, "small miniature cathedral", a jewel of Burgundian Gothic art of the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, is an astonishing beauty. Its elegant bell tower stands up to the sky and marks the landscape.
    The facade with its front porch surmounted by a pediment with remarkable sculptures forms a unique ensemble by its originality and the quality of its decor.
  • Not to be missed : The Salt Springs

    1 km from the town center, the site of Fontaines Salées where you can admire the remains of an important Gallo-Roman spa with swimming pools, ovens, cloakroom, palestra, etc.

    Venerated since the dawn of time and exploited for salt, the waters have been exploited for 4,500 years. Of the different periods of occupation, there are about twenty hollow oak casings still in place, and especially the remains of an important Gallo-Roman thermal establishment with swimming pools, ovens, cloakroom and so on. Most of the objects found on the site are presented in the charming museum next to the church.