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    Like in other "Most Beautiful Villages of France", Vézelay is a village not conducive to car traffic. The configuration of the village obliges buses and motor homes to park only in the parking located at the bottom of the village.

    The Basilica is at the top of the hill, at 700 meters from the tourist office. A pretty steep coast awaits you, lined with houses from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries!

  • The parking is payable from to, every day (except from December 20th to January 31st). Cash machines accept cash and credit cards.

    Want to stay for several days?
    The city hall issues a long-term parking card (7 days) for 10€.
    It's to be withdrawn in the city hall only from Monday to Friday from to
    To reserve your card, contact the city hall at +33 (0)

    NB: The car parks of the village are neither covered nor monitored; so be careful to leave anything apparent in your vehicle.

  • Disabled people (physical disability)

    Parking is free for disabled people with a macaroon. You will find two pitches near the Basilica, a half-way point on Place Borot (near the city hall) and three pitches on the Place du Champ de foire (bottom of the village).

    The basilica is at the top of the hill, people with reduced mobility can enter it by an access ramp currently located on the south side, towards the cloister. It can be moved north side for specific needs.

  • With a car

    Amount of parking:
    2€ per hour OR 4€ half-day OR 5€ per day
  • With a motorhome

    Amount of parking: €2 per hour OR €4 per half day OR €6 per day.

    The circulation of motor homes is prohibited in the streets of Vézelay, behind the basilica and on the walkway.
    During the day, parking is possible on the car parks of Clos and Les Ruesses.
    At night, parking is allowed ONLY in the Ruesses car park.

    The service area is located at the campsite Ermitage, Route de l'Etang.

  • With a bus

    Amount of parking : €10 per day.

    Parking is allowed ONLY in the Ruesses car park.
    The drop off is done on the reserved places, Place du Champ de foire (bottom of the village)

  • Electric shuttle

    From June to September, the municipality rents an electric shuttle that allows to rally the bottom of the village to the basilica. This shuttle carries priority to people with difficulty in traveling. It's free and has 4 places.

    Summer 2016: every day from 11 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm (with a rotation every 10 to 15 minutes)
    Stops (not shown): Porte du Barle - Place Guillon - Place de la Basilique