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Natural curiosities

  • Two bridges superimposed on the Cure

    In Pierre-Perthuis (6 km from Vézelay)

    Launched on the river, one above the other, the two bridges make this place a very picturesque picture. He also served as a set for certain scenes in the film La Grande Vadrouille.

    From the upper viaduct, one enjoys a particularly interesting point of view: on one side the Cure which flows between steep cliffs, on the other, Vézelay which stands out in the distance on the sky.

  • The "Roche Percée"

    In Pierre-Perthuis (6 km from Vézelay)

    A few hundred meters downstream, one reaches by a beautiful path to a geological curiosity, the natural site of Roche Percée, natural arch over 15 meters high pierced in the cliff.

  • The "Croix Montjoie"

    In Tharoiseau (7 km from Vézelay)

    A panorama to take your breath away
    A calvary marks the place where the pilgrims perceiving Vezelay let their joy burst forth. From this culminating point, the panorama is remarkable on the hills of the Morvan, the valley of the Cure and the basilica of Vézelay perched on its hill surrounded by vineyards.

    On some sunny mornings, the spectacle is magical: the basilica seems to float above the sea of mist that stagnates in the valley.

  • Prehistoric caves with cave paintings

    Discover the caves of Arcy-sur-Cure
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